“Kara is one of two people I can thank for building my voice to where it is today… The other being God. I was not a great singer before coming to her, but she taught me well, and pushed me stylistically. I can’t tell you how important proper technic is when pursuing a career with longevity. I’ve seen several artists suffer from simply having bad technique that over the years caused irreversible damage. Kara makes sure you leave her studio educated and confident in having healthy habits. In singing, practice doesn’t always make perfect… perfect practice makes perfect, and if you practice with bad technique you will have bad habits and problems down the road.

I’ve seen several coaches and all have noted the technique that Kara instilled in me when I was just 6 years old. I’ve trained with her for 13 years, even since I’ve moved to music city, and worked with many different coaches. She’s still my top pick regardless and gets the job done even over Skype. Kara doesn’t just “teach singing”. She taught me lifestyle, what to do before taking the stage, what to do before hitting the studio, what to do daily, and what to do for growth. All are different and equally important for vocal health which is a priority to her. I love the tips and tricks she’s given me, including those pertaining to diet, and I still use them today. Working with her is incredible, I can rely on her to be honest with me, to challenge me, and to always be there when I need her. She is family. Kara has pushed me to be the best singer I can be, and the best example I can be as an artist. I cannot thank her enough! xo”

– Electra Mustaine –